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Einherjar Tier 2!!

Einherjar Key Item, DuckHUNT, Fenrir, Maiev

All 3 key item for Tier 1!

YESS!!! Beat up Grim chamber and got our yay yay key item :)

YES!! We had 27 (and again, I don’t know how lol…..) showed up and beat this one. We got bombs =_=; it was horrible but we managed to pulled it off with literally 1minute to spare :x! Nothing dropped though :((

I was pretty amazed at the #’s that showed up… I mean we are pretty casual linkshell but I guess everyone just stepped hard on their gas pedal just to get home from work and do Einherjar. We even had a few missing people (including Tazo) :(

I know someone called in sick =P Rather its for Einherjar or not, I dunno xD

But yay to ducks! Going to probably redo Tier 1 chamber again to re-key everyone then advance to Tier 2!

Mai <3 Ducks!