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Video Watch: Jimmy’s WoW Story.

Its pretty damn funny. But here’s what really happened.

You know how we have to pick our Alliance when we begin playing FFXI? Like Windy, Bastok or Sandy? Well in WoW not only you have to pick between Horde or Alliance, but Aldor or Scryer (Windy or Bastok). Aldor (Bastok) rewards the Rajas Ring and Scryer (Windy) rewards the Tamas Ring. The difference is that big.

In FFXI, we kind of picked that early, but the stats aren’t really that great so it doesn’t really matter (Since its only Windy ring and not Tamas ring). But in WoW it matters! So if you pick Windy and start doing Windy quest, you will be forever banished from Sandy and Bastok! NPC will attack you and D2 you back to the Entrance.

Anyway… to summarize this story, here’s a little video about it. Its a good video watch! I like the narration and every little bits of this video! I’m thinking of the FFXI version myself :D See if I can come up with something interesting xD

Video’s Termology: (For those that don’t play WoW)

Moral of the Story (in FFXI Language)… you better be damn careful of which faction you pick in Wings of the Goddess! (lol) and lol to the ending!