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Windower Plugin: Cancel

FFXI Cancel, Windower Plugin, Add Ons

Shit… clicked off Utsusemi =.=”

Our favorite program – Windower, introduce a new plugin: Cancel [1]. It rocks ^^

Basically, you can now make a macro to cancel a specific buff. No more selecting the Utsusemi icon and click cancel, now you can just make a macro call

//cancel 66

and pressing that to cancel Utsusemi! Both Utsusemi: Ichi and Utsusemi: Ni are the same buff so 66 would work.

What other buffs that you might be interested!

Stoneskin = 37
Seigan = 354

I tried to macro in Utsu Blink with cancel, such as

/ma Utsuemi me
/wait 2.2
//cancel 66

Its scary to see you cast the shadow without even seeing the icon blinking in and out, its like the perfect timing but I also found a flaw.

I personally like to spam the Utsu Macro before its up, or 1-2 sec before its up, so if that’s the case and it isn’t up, the macro continues to run and it would cancel your existing blink way ahead of time. So I suggest ninja to use a separate macro for this.

I try combining it with Stoneskin. With AF2 Hat, Body and Loquac Earring.

/ma Stoneskin me
/wait 2.2
//cancel 37

is freaking sick! I don’t even see the Stoneskin being blinked, its that precise!

There’s one good use though, its Sam/Nin. It would be best to cancel Seigan before you Utsusemi, else your recast is going to be over a minute. So I personally just put it there to ensure Seigan is never up when I do Blinks.

//cancel 354
/ma Utsusemi me

I tried one for Sneak, but I think manually clicking it off is nicer :O feels safer lol. I did try to cancel Sickness lol, didn’t work T_T

Well there’s other creative way you can use it, like I dunno, combine it with WS macro and Souleater? Berserk, Jin then Cancel it? Pretty sure there’s more. For a list of buff ID, you can find it here.

Random Links I found:

Added. I saw this on BG, can’t resist not to link it lol, pretty damn funny.
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