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SCH, DNC75… on Siren

An image is worth a thousand words…

First DNC SCH 75, FFXI, Siren, Suteki, Barlog, Slayer, Lanser

DNC SCH 75 on Siren Server…

Crazy ideas I read so far

(Dnc) Wow… damn people! From what I read, Dancing Edge can be used by Dnc ‘~” Not shibby if they are right ^^ Also reading on some crazy ideas of Soboro + Sam/Dnc to heal! That’s gotta be pretty interesting if it works ^^; But one bad TP drain from the Dancer can result in no heal lol…

(Sch) Weather buff can artifically create standstorm, so desert boots + Scholar sandstorm buff = 12% movement speed without being in Altepa.. lol.

(Sch) Some people are thinking of “Bookburn” lol whoever came up with that term, but its about 1 SCH doing 1 dot each xD. I really hope this job is like a Warlock in WoW, powerful DoTs xD

(Sch) As a sub, Stoneskin cast time from 52% (AF1 hat + AF2 body) to 41%, damn ^^;

(Sch) So apparently dark arts + Ebullience gives 20% increased in Potency. So even if they don’t get tier4 blm spell, tier3 + their JA can really put them not too shitty of a nuker, as well as healing ability.

Its pretty safe to say with their nuking ability and… their DoTs, they do hold a place in end-game. Kind of reminds me of Holy Preist and Shadow Preist in WoW. They can heal and DD pretty well.

Little bit update

So I finally got the WotG PC Version (I refuse to buy Xbox360 / PS2 version!), installing and only to find out their version check is going to wipe all my dat swaps T_T

I guess WoWing today until I can duplicate my installation to laptop, patch, then sync the difference back to my old installation. Sigh… SE doesn’t know their game is pretty boring without dat swaps. Listening to the same Jeuno music for almost 4 years is kinda boring… not willing to scrap my years of dat swap for a stupid Goddess xD