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Tawu-Waru Love [Daggy]

Daggy's Drawing, Maiev, LovelyDagger, Fan Art, FFXI [1]

Draft of TaruWaru

Last weekend… I kinda spent my weekend in Toronto with Tazo xD! Did pretty fun things, I’ll elaborate on that later… so when I came back (after like a 3 day trip), Daggy despritely sent me a link, thinking its just some funny stuff but it ended up a drawing of… me and her ‘.’

I <3 the drawing ^^

That really caught me off guard ^^ I never expected anyone to put time into making me happy and then Daggy [2] and Jowah [3] pop up with arts dedicated to me xD It just never came across my mind that someone was willing to spend hours on me ^^ Afterall.. I don’t think I did anything special ‘.’ was just being myself… plus its not like I can draw, I had nothing to offer back!

Regardless.. the sketch was beautiful. The expression was so cute ^_^ the atmosphere was rather sweet, with like fluffy hairs. Like someone said on Daggy’s DA, it does look like some adopted sisters ^^

For those that’s interested in how it was drawn, here’s a vid of it… fast mode. I just took my DV cam and press record xD faster than clicking out fraps and try to find hard disk space. Tape’s cheaper ^^

So anyway… when that was finish in paint chat.. she was like… okay time to dinner. So I just kinda saved a copy! (In case her friends wanna clear it to draw)… couple hours later.. she came back with a colored version O.o holy shoot ^^

Artist’s Comments
To my best buddy Maimai! <3 I love you lots ^-^~ Your the greatest~ Huu~! Daggy <3 Maiev I have to submit more later when I have time. Been awfully busy ^^... --- At first I really thought its just some other commission but... just so happens it was same Taru model but, reading that artist comment just sweeten it all up ^^ It was really for me xD Its just I got one recently, never thought she'd drawn one again. Makes me think what I really did '.' The coloring provided a very warm fuzzy feeling ^^ its too cute after its colored xD. I really need to... offer something back. I felt really bad... that friends dedicate time and effort and I can't do anything or even draw a Toe. Anyway... 2 pieces of art dedicated to me in a week = happy camper!