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Epic Nyzle Floor 100 fight

When it comes to Nyzle assaults, out of all the statics out there, ours is …the most failed face when it comes to drops XD!!

truly, drops rates of 50% on floor 100 does not exist even with a TH4 in our group!!! oftentimes we get so many absurd NMs and objects that most statics would have given up. i’m talking about Dahaks, Wamouracampa, Psycheflayer, Ameretat, Capricious Cassie, etc. i swear they know when jingex is assaulting…

but today we got sort of lucky! Cerberus KO-ing sibe near the beginning and his paralyze left our whole group defenseless. after getting Cerberus down to 1%, we wiped! (which brings back salvage memories XD) anyway, with 1% left, what a whm suppose to do??


wow lolz!!!

congrats ravy!!

that makes our hat drops:

Goliard Chapeau: 2
Denali Bonnet: 2
Askar Zucchetto: 1