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Skadi Salvage!

O_O wow, what an amazing salvage run last night. We did Arrapago Remnants [1] farming // boss (if we had the time). unexpectly, i got the Freya’s Ledelsens off the Archaic Chariot [2]. i mean, i was like dead last for this item since it was prio item #6, but i had the lvl 25 pair with these from a while back. so i got them surprisingly. i’m like still stun cuz i didnt even realize these drop off the Archaic Chariot [2]. anyway, i’m still not 3/3 because i’ve been tossing the lvl 15 out from my good old pal Dekka. it would be funny (coughcough, *crossing fingers*) if he actually drop the Enlil’s Crackows [3] instead………………………………………

Anyway once i get 3/3, i can turn them in and make the Skadi’s Jambeaux ^_^!! this baby is a pimp out version of the Trotter’s Boot [4]. I can wait to play with them when i start to farm again on my thf ^_^

btw, we were doing so well farming that we actually had time to do the boss. and wow, the tanks drop kicked its butt in the last 5 minutes. It went from like 41% to 0% in like 4 minutes.

the lvl 25 marduk body piece drop and the Freyr’s Trousers went FFA =X! i got the winning lot =X! these will probably be my new prio#7.

wow, lots of <3 for Lagsave ^_^