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Happy Bday Ciermel + Drops!

I dont know if i’ll complete before the day is over, but today is Ciermel’s birthday ^_^
so happy birthday girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yah, today was really busy for us. we spent most of the day getting AFs for our jobs. we got the those gloves for my drk from The Eldieme Necropolis and the smn hands from the Sea Serpent Grotto. but we still gotta kill

but he’s a push over =P.

but we still had to go and do the head pieces for three ppl including me. if anyone knows, they’re all a pain to complete X_X..

first one up was drk helmet in Delkfutt’s Tower [1]. It wasnt as bad as i thought. it’s pretty easy if you have 3 ppl to tank. they miss a lot…or maybe that was because i was on thf. but ta-da!

after we went to get Sayter’s HP hat in toraimari canal =P. poor talu, he didnt have the portal gate key {that’s because he’s sandy!!! SPYYYYY}. but it was pretty easy too…

last and not least, ciermel’s smn horn in The Boyahda Tree! we pretty much went in and kick those two nm’s butt before cc got out of cs =P.

since we finished we finish getting all the AF for everyone i asked for help for Ground Strike WSNM in Western Altepa Desert. that was the easiest WSNM i ever saw O_O…………

anyway, we’re all poof!

oh btw, cc got her morigan’s robe complete ^_^. we’ll post pics later ~

Sakurakun’s DRK AF (after getting 75, w/ full exp buffer, and 54 merits =X)

new update ^_^