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Auction House Blunders @_@

I’m sure everyone had an “auction house blunder” once a while….where we accidentally over bid for an item simple because we got careless and wasnt paying enough attention. Here’s one that i found when i was buy silk thread.

poor yoha…. buying single silk threads for 10.3k each…..i think they were trying to buy a stack of them. silk threads goes for 800 – 1000 gil usually. but yah they spent 80k for 8 pieces of silk thread @_@;; woooowww

but yah, we’re not all perfect. i just made a stupid one too =(

i accidentally bought a iron scale mail (20k worth) for 98k when instead i was trying to buy the jujitsu gi [1]. it’s not a huge huge mistake, but gil is gil no matter how u shave it @_@;;

i heard of worse stories with “AH blunders” in the millions +++

so yah….whom i’m blaming for this blunder??!?! …..my bf for distracting me!!! hahah =P