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DuckHUNT 3ds Linkshell Picture =)

I fail to get everyone to come on and take a real one… so I faked one out!!

DuckHUNT Linkshell, Rendering, 3ds, Maiev, Fenrir

Mai Ducks!

Every linkshell have their way of doing things, and so does ducks ^^ Unlike linkshells which are formed for the sole purpose of doing something or achieving something, ducks were formed from two separate social linkshells, which was created for the sole purpose of playing with friends/real life friends.

We aren’t big, but most of us know each other pretty well. Although some of them no longer plays this game, but a large number of them still have contacts with our linkshells. Anyhow, lets introduce the ducks in that picture to everyone… if you decide to keep reading xD

So yea, this picture does mean quite a lot to most people. For me, it provides me a warm fuzzy feeling, that we all know each other and that we are all in it for the fun! It really brings out the “togetherness” IMO ^^

Did you find someone’s face that you want to zoom up? I have a 4:3 version [1] high res too hehe, in case you need to see faces of certain ducks!

DuckHUNT Website, Fenrir, Maiev, 3ds, Rendering

I’m just an ass like that, making everyone to click once more!

Top Row (from the left), we have Soulcalibur, Sibe, Cloudstah, Bubian piggy-back Monty (Montpetit), Jingex piggy-back Ravynne (they are couples), Abominus, Brandenll, Shayx and Ashmanaiel.

Mid Row (from the left), we have Infinyte, Didgist, Winterr, Shunzi, Hellknight, Calief, Lucious and Nanteri.

Bottom Row (from the left), we have Yuukino, Balmoral, Destroyplanets, Evilkid, Sohjai, Ciermel, Tazo, Sakurakun, Celphish, Sayter and Maiev!

I’ll write a guide to “How to make that kinda stuff with 3ds” someday ^^ but yea, these are my beloved ducks ^^ I have a lots to elaborate on everyone one of em, but I won’t for now, cuz then this would be a wall of text that 99% won’t be interested ^^

Ohh! Fun stuff! Our LS are scheduling sometime in December to meet up IRL and have some fun xD! Well at least we are trying to make it happen but oh man… I don’t even want to imagine what they have in store for me >.> since I make them work like if the sky’s falling >.> I smell ripping my clothes apart and giving me a beat ^^ I should start being nice to them hehehe. Looking forward as well as.. not looking forward in meeting these Galkas and Elvaans…

Istari, Browser, Messed Up

Seriously WTF is this crap browser!

Gaining a bit of FFXI love again ^^ Well… my Salvage LS just posted a warning if I don’t come, I’m going to loose priority. Maybe my break was a bit too long ^_^; So here I come ‘.’

Ohhh! To annoy everyone in my LS, I’ve added a ONE WEBPAGE when you enter our Linkshell website [2], just to make everyone click once more ^^ There’s a secret to that webpage too! But I’ll let you discover it ^^ But even if you discover it, don’t post it xD So you won’t spoil it for others ^^

Edit: WTF Istari… like seriously WTF!

So I’ve spent so much time, making sure loads both IE7 and Firefox.. and guess what, my dearest friend Istari goes walk up to me, pee on my face and say “Hay, your Blog broke…” I’m like wut?! How…

He uses freaking Internet Explorer 6.0. Its like OMG. He literally pee in my face and said “haha Y O U LO S E!”. What makes it better is what he’s watching… just take a look at what Istari do with his offtime [3]. Look at the YouTube.. LOL back-dorm boys… I guess he got bored of the Cartoon Channel…

Go give Istari a beat and tell him to upgrade. Sigh… its like a hot girl walks up to him, and he just scares her away… saddens me even DS owns his face [4].

So to further verify it isn’t my problem. I had my DS (which can’t even get patches), to load my blog… and you know what, even my DS loads the webpage fine. DS > Istari’s PC! Sigh… /throw PC out the Window!