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Hello from Sakurakun!

Sakurakun WHMHi guys! This is my first post. Well, i dont know what i値l be writing here so i値l just go with the flow! hopefully most of these blogs will make sense since i do ramble on a lot.

But anyway, this blog is gonna be about my tales of a cute tarutaru (*^_^*) on the Fenrir server, which i started back in late May 2006. since then, grew so much since. As you can tell, WHM was first job and after lvling so many jobs to 75; it痴 still my favorite job of them all. i致e been through a couple of linkshells (Purplehaze and TheNewWorld), but my home is now with DuckHUNT. ^_^

Hopefully i値l have time to update my blog as much as possible and i値l introduce many of my fwens on throughout the fenrir server ^_^

I知 hoping to add some more links to my sidebar, so feel free to leave your blog page ^_^

PS: I’m also a new talu who will be joining up with Ciertalu and Inoretalu in providing you with more boring reads ^_^