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The Mammets Mission!

Inore in nin 40 outfit

Well today was a great day! we went to fight mammets for Cop2-5 and omg we won!!! it was our 2nd attempt i of course was ninja for it ^_~ and we did a dry run first and we lost…i started out bad but it was my first time in PT so it was okay and it was just a dry run, 2nd run we died and then went in for the 3rd time after we raised ourselfs and I DCED! LOL and they had to retreat and we went in for 4rth time when i came back and finnaly kicked their butts! great success and great fun! though Ciermel/Lenneth did not make it to the scene >_< and i did the missions with:Aurelius,Kyouran,Quintalian,Ardathon,Him.  Great friends :D i hope C can make it to the next missions were doing and see how we succeed ^^ and i am still enjoying ninja very much!!!