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[Fan Art] Dark Lilies!

Yeah, I’m excited coz Halloween is my fave holiday and definitely my fave event in ffxi also. Have you read about the upcoming event then? If not, here’s the url for the main ff site: http://www.playonline.com/ff11us/index.shtml [1]. I already told Inore about this event and he knows I won’t take “NO” for an answer… we are doing it! lol

The theme for this year is called Harvest Festival and it is based on the story called The Dark Lilies. Well, I won’t tell you the story for its a long one, instead check the link on top and it will direct you to the event page. Browsing thru it and looking at the pictures, I feel inspired. It makes me want to create a beautiful drawing also. Well, I didn’t draw if that’s what you think I did. Instead, I decided to replicate one of the drawings and made my own interpretation. Below is the original drawing from SE:

Fan Art, FFXI Ciermel Bastok, Red Mage RDM

It shows the ghost walkin in the street of Bastok in deep thoughts while the exorcist follows her around. Study of the ghost will present you the idea that it is in deep thoughts. She is wearing the Magician’s Tacticians Set. The exorcist on the other hand is wearing the RDM JSE Chausible.

Now here’s my interpretation:

Limbus, TaruTaru, FFXI Fan Art, Ciermel

The ghost, portrayed by Lenneth is wearing the Tactician set and I actually got her walking and thinking at the same time. The background by the way, is one of the screenshots in promy dungeon. I’m not sure but it looks like Apollyon to me. The challenge is the exorcist… of course I got CCtalu for that part wearing the RDM JSE. The hard part is making her look like she is stalkin the ghost. I had her posing all the emotes, battle simulations including WS til I found the right one. It’s not similar to the original drawing and but it will do >.< Hence, my creation! Well, let me know what you guys think... was I able to recreate the scene as it should be or was it very far from the original? Thanks for the input ^^