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The power of Kraken Club Ranger.

It is really simple, the more weapon skills you can do per 30 secs, the faster the monster will die, and that is exactly what Kraken Club gives a Ranger. Ranger generally suffers from the inability to auto-ranged attack, or not being able to benefit from Haste. One may argue that Ranger has access to Rapid Shot, which is somehow Haste itself, but it is generally a misconception. Haste from spells is consistent and linear over time. Rapid Shot is based on an average activation rate, which cannot be increased except with the addition of gears/merits itself. In that sense, Rapid Shot is no different from Double Attack. Thus, taking Rapid Shot aside, Ranger in the end suffers from not being able to benefit from Haste spells.

From VZX’s experience:

Taking an example of my bow – Yoichinoyumi : Delay 493 (524 x 94% ~ 493).

Total delay without Rapid shot activation is approximately [493/110 + 1.7 + 1.1 = 7.2 seconds]. That means, it takes roughly 6 x 7.2 = 43.2 seconds for you to gain full TP to be able to unleash your Sidewinders.

Now that sounds cool at first, seeing how my normal shot hit for 250-350 depending on whether or not I have Minuets/Berserk, so in the span of 43.2 seconds, I can do 6 x 300 = 1.8K damage, which is half the HP of a colibri. But you have to consider that RNG can miss too, that means it may take a RNG more than 50 seconds to actually get full TP. In most circumstances when BRD can pull monster back to camp in time, it would not matter much, but imagine you accidently spent all TP moves on a previous monster, and now you have only 15 TP from WS TP return. Imagine further that BRD accidently was casting something and did not spend time enough to pull monster back. THEN imagine further you miss a few shots … You can see where it goes, you may lose chain.

Now consider instead, you have a Kraken Club which can gain you 100% TP in about 10 seconds with Haste gears and Haste spell (and this is entirely feasible). That means 3 Weapon skills in 30 seconds. Now it doesn’t matter if I have 15 TP or 0 TP, I still shoot about 2-3 WS per fight. The order I usually choose is to Namas > Namas > Sidewinders. If you sub NIN, you can Sidewinders > Sidewinders > Sidewinders each one for about 1.2K . Monster will die before you can actually drink your cup of water.

People often concern about TP moves by monsters. One has to realize that it takes time for any monster to do their move, and there exists a delay which makes monster can’t do anything during their TP move, except some extremely rare cases. That delay can benefit you, in the sense that you can actually kill the monster before it can do as many TP moves as it wishes. Your tanks won’t have to worry too much, unless they really want to be DDing instead of casting shadows a few times.

I will update more about how Kraken club can benefit a RNG in an exact way as well as the gears/subjob needed to make a perfect Kraken Club RNG, but for now, I will just leave you with an evidence of how Kraken Club Ranger can change the impossible to possible :x

PT setup : PLD, WAR, WAR, RNG/WAR, RDM, BRD – Not the highest chain in the party but was the only ss I remembered to take.