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Bad Taru Mai :x

According to the link above, I got it on June 6, 2006~. I was still in a HNMLS at the time. Although there was no announcements or encouragement from anyone (to me) in the LS to “Please use bots”, It was purely voluntary on my part.

The reason I was under the unknown list, to the best of my knowledge is because they started recording the server of all users after a certain point in time.

Obviously this is something I’m very ashamed of or I would have admitted it myself.

I’m not going to blame the Maiev of Brismarck, but the one on Fenrir. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in FFXI denying something like this, its not fair to my friends. This reminds me of Platinumknight denying that he is Glimpse.

I’ve seen friends got temp ban, or even perma banned for using this. I dont want any of this to happen to any of the ducks in my linkshell or myself, hence I stopped using it long ago which resulted my name listed under unknown. My ducks are really nice, I love every single one of them, and the way I protect them is to have them avoid the HNM field. I lead my LS to do anything they want, except HNM.

I am no longer a member of that HNMLS. Instead, I spend my time writing blogs.

I encourage everyone not to try it. The fear that you have to go through everyday, not knowing if you’re part of the next banning spree, is not something you want to go through. Loosing your account is something that cannot be reversed.

Everyone have their secrets, and we are allowed to have secrets but I guess this was my secret for FFXI. I was caught, I learned my lesson without a warning, but I guess I never apologize for it, and here it is. I’m sorry. I’m sorry also if you feel shame in being associated with me. I don’t think my readers are stupid, and I don’t plan to treat my readers stupid by pretending I’m not on that list.

I left comment open so feel free to call me whatever. It does go through moderation simply because there’s lots of spam, but I will post every single comment.

Its only a game, but be responsible for it. After all we are all humans, real people but just behind the keyboard. Sorry if there’s a few parts that weren’t expressed correctly, its kinda hard for me to express feelings correctly when its not my first language.