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Polearm Samurai, Gimp or Buff?

Edit: An update to this post is at the bottom of this entry.

Yep, enough outparsing a lot of people :< This will end today ; ;

Taru Samurai, Maiev of DuckHUNT on Fenrir, Polearm, Colibri, FFXI

Exping in Polearm… now dead? ; ;

Penta Thrust Thought

Adjustment to Penta Thrust:

– Penta Thrust
Damage varies with TP >> Accuracy varies with TP

Under normal weapon skill calculation, if TP doesn’t affect accuracy, you pretty much take your melee accuracy into consideration, so old method was… if I was meleeing with 75% acc, your Penta’s accuracy for all 5 hits would be around that percentage.

This update’s adjustment is putting it sort of like “Sidewinder”, with “Accuracy varies with TP”, its attack modifier must be increased in order to compensate the lost in accuracy.

What does it mean then? If attack is modified, that means at 100% TP, our weapon skill “should” be stronger than before. This kills the “Martial Polearm” instantly… unless you are having mad accuracy problem.

Possibility: If attack modifier “was not” adjusted to compensate the tradeoff, then this update is a “gimp” to polearm users T.T

On the other hand… SE added a new job trait “Accuracy Bonus” for Dragoon, so they might have adjusted so that 100% TP before is more accurate than 100TP new update, WITHOUT the trait, so they had to add it in to compensate it.

Skewer Thought

– Skewer
Accuracy varies with TP >> Chance of critical hit varies with TP

Although Mai Samurai can’t use Skewer (Dragoon exclusive), but from the look and with the “Accuracy Bonus” job trait, the weapon skill should now be more accurate, so therefore, the adjustment to Skewer is obviously a buff to increase Dragoon’s overall power.

How does it affect Samurai Polearm user like me?

It really depends afterall, if the attack modifier was adjusted since they made the TP modifier as accuracy. I don’t have accuracy problem at all, and was able to achieve 82% on Colibri without a bard song. (its not great, but 82% without a bard is pretty good).

We don’t get the Dragoon Accuracy trait so… (they have it, so they can stack str gear respectively, or atk where applicable)

If the attack modifier isn’t adjusted then Samurai who uses Polearm is going to experience some trouble!

I still have all my parses and data, just need to party with a few others and see about the new changes. I’m a Samurai Polearm user! Still proud to be one ;) (Proud enough to have 8 merits on Polearm!)

After Patch!

Looks like accuracy of Penta Thrust was not gimped at all, the overall effect was amazing, people were doing 3k+ Penta Thrust now! (lol how Penta goes through 3 revisions).

Unconfirmed Facts:

These are all facts I’ve read on forums, I’ll come back in a day and go find more!