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KS99, Exping, Jar and Exping!

I know I know :( Its been awhile, well that’s because I’ve been kinda taking my blogging time to WoWing it up! I’m not taking my FFXI time to WoWing it up, just taking my Blogging time. FFXI’s still fun to a certain extent. I still goto all LS events, to keep it running ^_^; I was appointed to be a shell holder for a reason ._. so being one, I must uphold my responsibility and keep things running. Anyway…


Maiev, Tazo, DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Taru FFXI

Its been 1 year since I got this taru into the “Virtual World”, claiming our 1year anniversary reward (or giving Square-Enix another 165USd/year)! She got pretty far but not too far.. notice all her jobs [1] aren’t even unlocked xD

Regardless, got our minature airship! Its pretti cool. Ohh the clock, every hour it sings, so kinda having a bard in Mog House xD!

Miniature Airshop of Maiev, DuckHUNT of Fenrir [2]

I’m a functionalist! As you see, my mog hosue are all about “lots of storage space” xD! Mannequin ftw! But at least I didn’t Power Level Tazo’s brd from 1-75, its all her own work ‘.’

Powerleveling, FFXI Fenrir, MeMe, When you just don't have the time to dick around

Source [3] (Stole her image!) Anyway, lets continue!

Exping Spree
Its been like that for awhile :D at least since last patch. Just on and off exping when people called xD

Chain 160, Taru Polearm Samurai, Piercing, Greater Colibri, Maiev of Fenrir [4]Taru Polearm Samurai, Piercing, Greater Colibri, Maiev of Fenrir [5]

It really doesn’t take Ridills to make high chain, nor it even takes fully merited people to make high chains. A good party setup can often do the trick. See that chain 165 above? We had a 72 warrior xD, the one on the right is me approaching my limit cap =.=, but again, it doesn’t take anything special or epic to make high exp chains!

Epic high Penta Thrust! Telling you, Polearm Samurai is broken! xD! Rarely get owned in the Colibri Thickets.

Taru Polearm Samurai, Piercing for 1504 Penta Thrust Damage on Greater Colibri, Maiev of Fenrir

Speaking of party invites… its hard to get one when you LFP while anon xD! Like the taru below ._.

Don't Stop Me Now, FFXI Video Author, Destroyplanets, Alzahbi [6]

Hows Baby Ducks?

They are doin fine! Still swimming if you’re wondering! We did some… Ultima, chaos and lots of dead ducks…

Ultima in Temenos, Maiev of Fenrir DuckHUNT, Lots of Dead FFXI Players

This is 0% Ultima, but as you see, quite a lot of dead bodies rofl!

We did some wyrms too… um… probably 13 orbs in the past 3 weeks… no speed belt so far :/ but 2 black belt item! One of the BB item was from my orb too xD! But all others were just crap :<

Wyrm, KS99, DuckHUNT Maiev of Fenrir, Kindred Seal, Strat [7]

One of the duck is now one step closer to finishing a relic! Owww, maybe I can do some research on that bow after when he’s done xD!

Bubian, Relic Bow Futatokoroto, DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Elvaan Ranger FFXI [8]

But anyhow.. I still need plenty of… ways to use my seals… still a bit too much >.>

Kindred Seal in Storage, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

Anyway, maybe type more later! But for now, interesting stuff I found!

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