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Einherjar Rocked!

So we did In-her-jar tonight. Rocked :) Last one was close too!

We did Rossweisse Chamber [1]! We got hounds and birds today! Rape the hounds, the random-pop NM and pull the boss.

Rossweisse Chamber, DuckHUNT Fenrir, FFXI Einherjar [2]

This boss took roughly 12 minutes. We had our KC dark as usual and the HP didn’t even dent lol! He did use HP down, fire breath and hate was bouncing everywhere. What we do have is plenty of bards :) ~6 was in our alliance lol :O Lots of sleep, lots of songs, all PT gets songs! That thing just got chunked with songs :)

Drops was meh…

Rossweisse Chamber, Drops, FFXI Einherjar, DuckHUNT of Fenrir [3]

We did nothing special really, 2hr go all out like our kirin zerg style, when bard 2hr, everyone does too. What we did do was…

TaruTaru Times Online (TTTO)

A new website emerged :)

TaruTaruTimesOnline, FFXI Blogging Community, Erik Yeoh

What’s this? Blogging indexing just for FFXI bloggers. Basically this engine lists all blogs that recently updated. This website requires you to sign up and register your own blog (for blog authors), but basically if you have a blog that isn’t FFXI, you wouldn’t even waste your time registering so yea. Its a pretty decent system. As blog readers (if you’re reading this), you can subscribe your reading list, to have it all confined to a single page. Go take a look!

http://vanadiel.wyred.nu [4]

Random Topics!

Playing Tazo for assaults and telling Shunzi and Soul to kill her ;)

Tazo, Assault, Shunzi, Soulcalibur, FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir [5]

Seeing MaiTalu in BLM gear (with Terracova!)

Terracova, FFXI of Fenrir, Magitek [6]

Emo Search Comment!

Emo Search Comment from Infinyte
Japanese' Emo Search Comment

Almost lost assault because I was greedy!

Assault, Greedy, Almost Lost, Maiev FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir [7]

Mai’s Brutal Earring!

Brutal Earring, Maiev Taru, FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir [8]

Niccas got served! Alliance-Exping doesn’t work ;)

Alliance Exping, DuckHUNT of Fenrir with Maiev [9]

4am Jailer of Gay… its pretty gay…

4am Jailer of Temperance, Sea, FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir [10]

I hate this bitch! At the same time I miss him ._.

Roranora, FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Fireal, TaruTaru, Black Mage [11]

Its a pretty long update ._. cuz I just can’t find the time to sit down and update, but anyway lah! To finish off…

Interesting stuff from MaiTalu: