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Merit Point increase in Update!”

Merit Points!

The maximum limit for point allocation in the “Combat Skills” and “Magic Skills” merit point categories will be increased for all jobs.

“Combat Skills” maximum total ability increases:
12 > 20

“Magic Skills” maximum total ability increases:
8 > 16

Source: PlayOnline [1]

Merit Whore like me can finally go back to the xp camp again! I can now do 8GKT (I already have 8 Sword for Blu,rdm and 4 Evasion for all jobs)

Magic Skillz is a tough one ‘.’ I can either do 8 Ele-Magic so I can rock out my rdm nuke, or do 8 Blue-Magic. Honestly I’m tempted to do Ele-Skills since I never use my lolBlu.

A bit about Yesterday!

So 2 days ago, my rl friend Caleb was telling me he’s going to leave American for good, and that night, he said we’ll play WoW the whole day tomorrow. So I wake up and… look in the fridge, damn need to stock up so my rommie start making our way to the grocery store…

The next thing I found out was… something landed on my head…

Bird… Poo…

Damnit :( God forbids me to go grocery shopping! The bird poo was the punishment for not playing wow ; ;, so yea that poo landed while I was waiting for the bus beside two hot chick so ; I got served.

It landed on my right head, people say I should go buy lottery if it landed on my left… so guess I’m really out of luck this time ._.

Anyway, when my friend leaves America, I can have a bit more time to FFXi and Blog :) I play WoW not to out-level my friends, but to play with them so ‘.’ unless they play, I don’t play :o