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Mai LCD :)

LCD Arrived :)

Maiev's FFXI Gaming Setup XD, Taru of Fenrir [1]

OK LOL to stuff animals ._, (my sister’s random presents). Anyhow, that dinky LCD on the right? That’s actually the 17″, where I play FFXI for the last 3 years. The one on the left is my new LCD :)

Honestly I wouldn’t go buy one if Scragg and Vryali told me it was some good stuff. Screw 700:1 Ratio LCD’s, the dell panel pwns… black color actually look like black for once. The LCD’s so big, I can actually be more efficient in Photoshopppin / Premiereing. If the LCD ratio on that 17″ was 1000:1, I would have used my desktop more than just a FFXI machine.

FFXI looks… ugly (image below will be displayed in full resolution of 1920 x 1200 when clicked)

Maiev's FFXI Gaming Setup XD, Taru of Fenrir [2]

Will be posting a bit more! Since I can now do two things at once :)