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Missions, Parrying and lots more!

Maiev and Jowah, FFXI Fenrir Taru

Pics from Souleater.org [1].

Rank 8 for Ciermel

Damn right! Sorry if I left you tarus in the dark =P I went on a vacation with my friend. I’ll make a post about it “mebbe”, but in a nutshell, I went to Niagara Falls for a few days just to chill and watch ice sheets fall off the ledge. The city was rather “dead” =P, was kind of weird but the package I got (300cad for 2 nights, starring @ the waterfall), was rather nice.

Also added the server where each blogger is coming from on my blog rolls… you’d see why if you read on! Anyway…

World Transfer?!

Quote from PlayOnline:

Finally, the development team is continuing their work on World selection by making preparations for a new service that will allow players to move their characters to different Worlds. Please keep a close watch on the Topics page for further updates on this exciting feature.

When I read that line, it reminded me of Jowah [2] from Ragnarok & Daggeh [3] from Pandemonium :) Both of these gals always mention how she’d like to join the Fenrir server =P I guess dream comes true for her. I mean common both Jowy and Daggeh :3 You know you want a sign manteel :)

Honestly, server swap is technically difficult and emotionally difficult. Server swap was implemented before when FFXI was “too croweded”, but that’s long gone. Now its not too croweded =P hence allowing server swap. Anyhow, I really don’t expect a lot of people to swap servers. There’s just too much to loose. Stuff that you don’t realize until you swap and… you realize how these tiny stuff was actually important to you. So I don’t expect Jowah to swap, unless she’s thought about it over like 10000 times! If she does swap, it would be a… miricle! Lots of Jowah’s fans is waiting on Fenrir!

Adventuring with Ciermel:

Yup, been doing a lot of it :) I do… miss Windy missions :) and hay look! Taru bed hehe!

Maiev and Ciermel doing Rank 8 Windurst Mission, FFXI Taru of Fenrir

Look.. 5k gil to cleanse my Tonberry hate, damn I killed a lot of Tonberries :D and ding Rank 8 “for Ciermel”!

Speaking of “Ciermel”, I was clicking around Technorati [4] and I found another Ciermel that blogs! LOL :) So don’t get confused with Fenrir Ciermel & Fairy Ciermel :)

I remember Day (the real Ciermel), telling me that her name means one of the Greek god. Lenneth was one of it too (her mules), but no… Cutiepootatie (also her mule), is obviously not one of the Greek gods =P.

Anyhow, the Fairy Ciermel is ‘-‘ a boy taru! He’s got the model of Killacolt, which I find kinda cool :) If you got the time, feel free to drop by his blog and say hi! (Registration required >.>)

Ciermel, Cuteness Overdose, FFXI Blog [5]

A bit of MaiTalu’s Adventures!

Mai’s baby Samurai is growing up! Going to be able to beat down Galkas soon with my toothpick GKT!

Parrying Lv68 and Lv69, Parry 212 and 213

Gone for awhile, means you aren’t as updated! So I was catching up on my BG readings while I was travelling back to town on the train… and I found a thread that was like “Worst/Funny/Praise worthy/Omgwtf? sigs go HERE. [6] ” *click*, and found…

Etain's BG Signature, FFXI Taru of Fenrir

Oww… 1st of all, I never knew there was a 4x page signature thread, I never recall reading one… and the surprise is I found my work there lol ‘-‘ At least it wans’t shit, was “somewhat” decent for someone’s eye that … it was worth his 2 minutes of commenting =P But I do have to agree the spotlight from 3ds kinda made Etain a bit spooky ‘-‘ Oh well :D

Anyhow… type more later, its kinda 5am and have to refrain from typing a wall of text :) Btw, are you EMO?? Find out by watching the vid below!

Side thought: I thought of creating something like this. Problem with alla and ifrit is… its always associated with some negative image of “newb hangout land”, and forums that’s associated with linkshells are always very “political”. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something like this [7]?

Interesting stuff from MaiTalu: