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78sec Kirin by DuckHUNT


Getting better and better! Last time was roughly 150 seconds, now its cut by half!

Its amazing what merits can do ‘-‘. Allow people to kill Kirin in a totally different aspect. Below is one of the Kirin vids I did 2 years ago :3

Weird Ducks

On the other hand… ducks’ pretty weird ‘-‘ its got 4 legs :x

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New Website / Blogs

Goofy DH website by Weeber :) Installed a blog so members can doodle when they are bored too XD! Go visit us :)

www.duckhuntls.ca [1] (The Website)

Ninja Edit: I can’t stop laughing lmao Pro vs Noob!

and ya this isn’t a full update :3 I just need to type something to get my brain started! 2hr b4 mid-term so… wish me luck :)