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[Video] DuckHUNT 1st Zerging Kirin!


Well not exactly, but 22 duckies versus Kirin :) Very smooth hehehe! I’d put so much pressure in this fight, so much crap, forces ducks to read the forum… I felt bad :( But in the end it all worked out very well :)

When we pop our 1st Kirin, I felt bad :( because we had audience (SpiritusSancti Linkshell) and we raped it in 2 minutes. It was SS’s 1st Kirin so since we need to wait for our 2hr, we helped their LS kill off the adds, well zerg the adds :) Their Kirin was some pretty nice drop. Osode, 2x D Body, Cloth

1st zerg… ran-out-of-disk-space kthx T.T, it dropped N.Body and Shining Cloth… was 90 seconds

2nd zerg was recorded :) dropped D.body and O.Ingot ^^;… was around 120 seconds…

Honestly… I don’t think Ebody Ridill is really needed for this fight. Any normal linkshell should be able to pull this off… OH YEA!! It was Vladant’s 1st Kirin, since we zerged both, I don’t think he knows wtf Gods is… TOO SPOILED!