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Double Wins for the Talus!!

wow….what an amazing night for the both of us ^_^. ciermel’s alliance went to do Bhaflau Remnant [1] and finally got an item ~~ Bodb’s Crown [2]!! i know ciermel been wanting to get this item from Long-Bowed Chariot [3] (NM [4]) for such a long time. congrats cc ^_^

ciermel still needs the 35 which drops off from the Psycheflayer [5] (NM [4]) in Arrapago Remnants [6]. ^_^.

my alliance went to Silver Sea Remnants [7] to farm a bit. it was THE smoothest run ever without a single railing cannon going off or anyone dying @[email protected]!! anyway, DEKKA

finally drop something!! lol, if u read my last post, u know what i meant. Dekka been so stingy with the Enlil’s Crackows [8] (1/40). but now we’re like 2/41 ^_^!! i already bought my Marid Leather (115k) and i’m 4/5 on my Marduk Set!!! yay!! Surprisingly it dropped the Njord’s Ledelsens too, which also completes my Skadi’s Jambeaux.

omg i loves these two shoes soo much ^_^!!! these shoes are sooooooooo nice for whms!! it probably rivals the Rostum Pumps O_o!!


btw Ciermel decided that it would be nice to get hellknight something nice cuz it was his birthday a few days ago. ciermel decided it would be nice to get him a Khroma Ore so that it would help him to complete his salvage body. poor hk, he had his whole set for a long time and still having trouble completing it =/. we split the cost, so hopefully he’ll be even closer to completing his salvage body soon =).