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Duping Kraken Clubs…

FFXI Duping, Kraken Club IRL, Arts and Crafts [1]

Damn…. duping Kclub for RMT!!

I = this Guy. Quoting from the guy:

I have recently come across a very reliable way to dupe Kraken Clubs, and I want to extend my newfound collection to the community, in the hopes of making some real-life cash in the exchange.

Server doesn’t matter, I have plenty of these things and I can dupe them and get them to you regardless of where you play. Also, I can assure you that even if you job isn’t listed in the “equip” section, you can still wield one! I’m a Graphic Designer, and though I don’t see “GDR” in the job listing on the weapon, I was able to pick it up and swing it with ease.

The only problem is that something seems to be borked with the “attacks X times” thing. Really, I can only get in 4-5 hits per round. Perhaps someone with a bit more STR or DEX than I have could get to 8… or even more!

If you’re still confused, no not in-game Kraken Club game item duping, but it’s duping Kraken Clubs IRL (or shellbuster… =_=) :O this guy does a pretty fukin awesome job in making it. I LOVE for the fact that he put some humor in his opening statement :D

Look at the detail here [2]. :O

The picture looks amazing, the finishing, the prop coloring… wow O.o

Duping Kraken Club, FFXI Arts and Crafts,

Duping Kraken Club – 3 different Choices!!

He can offer 3 “levels” for your club. (and I thought these were already pretty fukin good [3])

1/Bottom) Cast only: this is a straight pull from the mold with only minor cleanup to the edges. As with any mold, there are mold lines and small imperfections that require sanding and cleaning. You would need to do this yourself, but anyone who is comfortable with spot filler, primer, and sandpaper would have no problem. My molds are quite clean and the amount of cleanup necessary is really minimal. This option is $75 per replica.

2/Mid) Cleaned cast: I take the mold out, fix all minor imperfections with spot putty, sand smooth, and shoot with a guide coat of primer. This adds about 2 more hours to my production time, but you get a resin pull thats ready for your paintjob right out of the box. This option is $100 per replica.

3/Top) Finished Replica: The pictures above. I wrap the handle, do all weathering and painting effects, and clearcoat the entire piece to protect against any wear and tear. This option adds another 5 hours to my production time, and (obviously) is the most expensive version. This option is $150 per replica.

Here’s the original post about price and all the jazz on BlueGartr [4].
Here’s his website [5] O.o of his workflow and his equipment… so professional.

As a Kraken Club owner…. I REALLY WANT ONE O.o T_T