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Blu Blu Blu Chain5 1034exp!

the StarOnion, Maiev Taru of Fenrir, Blue Mage, Soloing, Chain 5 1034exp! [1]

Maiev Soloing Heraldic Imp as Blue Mage!


I know right… wtf? I reactivated for like 10 days hahaha (waste of money!) just to buy marbles, say hi to a few tarus, burn some exp ring as well as do some admin stuff. However, I did realize my only free time is now during daytime (before work)… which is kinda useless cuz that’s when nobody is really around.

Surprisingly, I was still able to play it quite proficiently after not touching FFXI for 6 months. I enjoyed the time not playing though, mostly having a lot more time now doing what I always wanted to do :D and have a grasp at my own real-life job leveling other than just e-job leveling. Oh yea, gotta love how Windower still works XD after that like 3000 file updates!

Other than occasionally getting 2 imps [2].. it was pretty… typical ffxi day…

I didn’t play as much WoW either, it was really just real-life leveling instead. One thing that was cool though, that FFXI does feel like home “when played” :)

Speaking of Exping, someone got LM17 for Hardcore Exping! [3] Wut? LOL

Problems with Playing Again…

the StarOnion, Maiev Taru of Fenrir, Blue Mage, Soloing, Chain 5 1034exp! [4]

COOL! Solo Chain 5 for 1034 Exp!

Coming back from WoW, there’s quite a few problems…. right away.

I can go on and on but.. you get the idea. Just gotta get used to this slow-pace game again.

Maiev on Midgardsormr, Recheche, Yingyang Robe [5]

Hunting NM’s with Recheche on Midgardsormr.

Well being a WoW and FFXI cross-player, I’d know all that before I decided to subscribe again. But its not until you really play again to realize how primitive FFXI is. I just felt so constricted and limited in what I could do. What can you do? Other than getting your ass banned?!

I don’t even know where my 3x Royal Cloak went… I still got the Kclub…and all other jazz.

Now talking about spending a good time… well HNM ENM ZNM, whatever NM got pretty boring.. Fenrir DuckHUNT’s LS message looks pretty boring so I’ve decided to help my friend Recheche instead (on Midgardsormr).

Dying a few times, claiming and dying… zomg a typical day in FFXI. Nothing accomplished ugh…

It seems like FFXI needs so much effort to get things done. That’s what I feel like now… I just want it to be fun, not painfully hard to really enjoy it.

At least.. I still enjoy exping, although I capped the merit buffer too now… time to get boring.

So yea, I simply don’t feel like FFXI can reward the level of time I’m willing to give an MMO at this stage in my life. I personally feel more rewarding doing stuff “related” to ffxi, but not actually playing the game itself… its weird!! I think I’m just weird! Well.. moving on

FFXI 7th Anniversary Contest, Azjazo Disqualified, Girl Power, FFXI Fan Art Drawing and Illustration [6]

Girl Power [7] by Azjazo [8]!

Azjazo’s Entry got Axed for Mythril Prize for Art Contest

Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding although he gave fair warnings attached to the submission for the 7th year contest. Obviously someone in Squeenix mis-read and was sleeping on the job. Fukin fail.

Regardless, I still really like his artwork, composition, isometric as well as the coloring was very well done. Some might find the coloring a little weird, but I thought it was a very well composed piece of art.

But long story short, SE fucked up. The player as usual, pays the price by TAKING away the glory that he got. Imagine you got a drop for Kraken Club, then SE comes and say hay, we were testing the BC and spawn you a KC. We will now take it away. LOL?!

You can find the rest of the story here [9].

Mjollnir by Kathleen Morton, konekonoarashis, FFXI Fan Art Drawing and Illustration [10]

Mjollnir [11]by konekonoarashis [12]! Taru /firmly stare Squeenix!

Some 1Up Review of Crystalline Prophecy

Source is here [13]. I like a few!

1UP: Now that the add-on has been out for a little bit, how has the feedback been? Will or could that affect how the next two add-ons are designed, or are they already complete in terms of gameplay design?

KO: Of course, we’ve heard a wide range of opinions. With regards to the aforementioned item-gathering, over-camping is a well-known issue.

On the other hand, the battles interspersed throughout the story have generally been well received. (orly) While the content of the upcoming add-on scenarios has already been determined to a certain degree, we are constantly listening to our users (orly) and looking to incorporate their opinions as best we can.

1UP: The token, while effective, adds yet two more passwords to enter, in addition to the already massive number of confirmation screens needed to begin playing FFXI. Was this really the most effective method you could offer players to protect their accounts?

TM: For FFXI, there was a need to make the token compatible with players’ preexisting PlayOnline IDs. This process of associating the two can be completed via the PlayOnline Viewer, and needs to be done once only. After this, players will be able to log in to their accounts with their Square Enix Account IDs, and, if using a security token, the one-time password that is displayed on that also.

In debating the best way to protect user accounts, we took both simplicity and security into consideration. Following a comprehensive discussion of the growing popularity of one-time passwords as a security measure, it was deemed that combining the user’s own password with the security token’s one-time password would provide the optimal level of security. In the future, we intend to continue monitoring user feedback as well as observe the ways in which one-time passwords are utilized in other industries, in order to constantly deliver the best security solutions to our players.

Mai: Did you really look around? Blizzard’s Authenticator only adds 1 more “enter” button to press during login phrase. Whereas SE, got us into typing our password (cool), but then they changed the “O”, the “accept password” button, then you gotta tab to another field and type in the number, then tab 2 more times. Jesus I don’t even want to log off because there’s so many hurdles. Obviously didn’t look around enough… stupid Squeenix.

Anyway, that’s it for now! Gratz to Jowah on her Manteel [14] :) Enjoy mai new blog banner and see you next time!

PS: I think this dude [15] got rocked haha. Gotta love comments in times.