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Merry Christmas from Daggy :3

Was clicking around, saw Daggy’s website got an update and whoa O.o

LovelyDagger, DaggyInk, FFXI Fan Art Drawing

Amazing! The original sketch [1] / the original color [2]
What I didn’t know was…

– Jeffo – O.O says:
ur artwork of that color christmas taru
– Jeffo – O.O says:
– Jeffo – O.O says:
Daggy v( ‘ u ‘ ) – Peaaaceeuuu says:
*blushes* awww >w Daggy v( ‘ u ‘ ) – Peaaaceeuuu says:
tyty so much
Daggy v( ‘ u ‘ ) – Peaaaceeuuu says:
i was determine because of joo xD

I didn’t know I was part of it :o! Just a little post, thought I’d share it with everyone ^^;

Daggy is an outstanding artist on DeviantArt [3]. You can find more of her creation there. Also, comment is closed for this entry, you can leave your message on her DeviantArt page.