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Maiev Soloed Fenrir & Kraken Club Fun!

MaiTalu soloed Fenrir!

That record is held by 6 other adventures, including Maiev! Damn right, soloed that bitch! Well vids comin, just haven’t had the time due to exam. Well since when you beat the BC, you cannot re-enter right away, so I had Ciermel to go SS for me!

Comedy Gold Screenshot! XD!

Maiev soloed Fenrir, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server [1]

Here’s the approximate battle plan for me.
Buff, fight in nighttime (Umbra Cape), jelly ring, tacos, go in open with a nuke, bind, 2 dots and keep it on. Repeat till its around half way through his hp

Chainspell, bliz3 (to squeeze out his 2hr), when he does, CS bind (should be up), gravity, and since 2hr still on, you can cure rebuff reblink very quickly, and continue! Hopefully have vid soon.

Farming Seals!

Sidewinder on RDM/RNG, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir Server, Red mage JSE

I have always tried to see what I can do to kill Colibri fastest. rdm/war is not a bad idea, lots of double attack. rdm/drk was fine, but when you vorpal for 600 – 800, your stoneskin is gone, which kinda sucks because then you got to rebuff, wastes time. So I started doing rdm/rng :) damage is pretty constant with expunger :) and if you add in kclub, everything speeds up XD! And oops, I was going to make my bazaar bag look nice, wrong file and I got a GM sign instead of the bazaar bag lol :)

Anyway, rdm/rng is fun, you can kill Colibri pretty quick. With Minuet III/IV, I can reach 1000 easily. Kaburo Arrow also helps reaching higher damage but Demon Arrow just fine (when Kaburo is not on sale). A vid below to show you what I mean :)

Vanadiel Benchmark v3

Vanadiel Benchmark 3, PlayOnline

I never knew it came out ‘-‘! wtf? [PlayOnline Vanadiel Benchmark v3 Website]

Scored 4119 ugh, probably need to shift the ATI bar back to performance :O its on Quality atm :) … I wonder who the hell can go up to 7000.

Zerging Kirin with DuckHunt

Maiev, Istari, Tazo, Nimi, Taru Train, DuckHUNT killing Kirin, FFXI Fenrir Server

Its been awhile since I’ve done Kirin ‘-‘. But at least this Kirin was efficient. By the time we finish killing 4 summons, Kirin was already 70% :) ZERGGGG!

Kirin Horrible Drop, FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir

Its not really about strategy, more like getting things done :) Got 2 kirin but apparently 1 drop was kind of shit because SohJai killed it. Oh yea look at the screenies above! Taru train :) Yar, we had a shit load of gilseller @ Kirin too when we were there :< So we had to camp the ???, won one ???, but lost the next ??? so we had to wait an hour for gilseller to finish their Kirin

Limbus Apollyon, Armoury Crate, Fake Chest, Maiev, Eeto, Istari, Ciermel, Amethyst, Soulcalibur, DuckHUNT of Fenrir Server [2]

Anyway, I hope everyone had fun :) Ohhh, we also did some Limbo, farming 3 areas at once now so getting pretty efficient. We popped an omega last Thursday, and popping one this Thursday again :). Farming 4 zones very efficiently to allow us to pop an Omega every week XD. Orz, 130 coins with 19 ppl to toss around :x {Help me out!}

Regardless, at least fun assured. hehe

Blogging: FFXI

Once again I’m bragging about blogging! Okay, this time its even better, another blogger of FFXI decided to run WPMU (I was going to do that, but I guess he’s doing it now). WordPress Multi User! That means he can host 100,000,000 blogs of FFXI players :) But this one, you get all the controls and customization for free (You have to pay for personalization if it was WordPress.com) So.. Why the heck not?

New FFXI Rules?!

I like a few new rules in it! For once, GM more useful!

Repeatedly delivering items to a certain player
Players who repeatedly send (unwanted) items to hinder the receiver from using the delivery system will be given either a warning or penalty. (Damn no more Ext flooding)!

This referes to actions such as blocking passages to mog houses in groups, or gathering near mog house entrances because the home point has been set there. These actions are not considered violations, but GMs may approach you and request you move away from the spot. If the player is not present, GMs will leave a message and move you to a nearby spot. (HAHAHA to you people HP @ Whitegate, Alzahbi ftw~)

-Taking advantage of in-game mechanics
Some examples would be: using the games’ geometry to safely attack a monster without fear of being attacked, or using items repeatedly without affecting the number of items in inventory in order to increase your synthesis skill. If you are unsure whether something is a feature or not, please consult with a GM immediately.( eh???)

At least they make GM more useful :)