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Duoing Limbo and FFXIAH Devs.

GuessWho 6man Limbus Fafnir Limbus!

I changed the title because Scragg [1] (I don’t have a nice pic of Scragg, linked to FFXIAH ftw! rofl) told me he duo-ed Fafnir with Sumnydera [2], but hay ^^; its still an accomplishment

Its a week ago, but its pretty nice to have a mini raid after a hard day of studying! {Play hard, study hard} ^^; Basically, took a bunch of blms and we manaburn NW limbus ‘-‘! Most amazing thing is, we 6 man a Fafnir XD. I’m really proud of my LS ^^. (It will not start playing until it is 100% buffered into your PC, 25MB)

W.Head (Crimson Mask) for 75cor who can use it 40rdm subjob ftw ‘-‘, random thought! Derailed for a bit oops!

I used to do 4 Limbus per week. I would do a run with LS on Maiev, and also do a run with my friends on Ciermel (the only time I can paly with friends T.T). Playing a blm certainly feels weird, especially with a gimped sub (Ciermel blm75/nin13) XD. Cier is probably loaded with every possible AF+1 item that can be obtained from NW. She wanted to throw it away at one point >.> Oh ya, Tazo’s not part of the limbus (no sea access), she’s just in party to chat.

Maiev playing Ciermel @ NW Limbus, FFXI Taru Fenrir [3]

Its pretty simple to do this, basically you kill mobs till you see “The Vortex Materialize” or something like that, and you kill Boss, port to 2nd floor. Kill mobs till you see that message, kill Boss, port to 3rd, kill mobs till you see that, port to 4th, kill all mobs here, port to 5th, and fight Kay Bee! (Dot for 30 minute would kill it). Trio is fun, but killing Fafnir with 6 is more fun IMO ^^;

FFXI Scragg’s AH

I have to thank Scragg here to allow me beta test use the advance function of FFXI AH, its kinda cool inside, auto calculates the cost of making NQ ruby rings, NQ ruby earrings, not to mention NQ Sole Sushi! OKOK enough bs, sneak peak!

Kaiser Shield sells 5m!, FFXIAH [4]

HOLLYYY 5m for Kaiser Shield!! Time to make some!! But ya, all you do is “look for the green” and that’s money opportunity, pretty convenient if you are not those “browse around people”, because I’m not XD, they are too spread out (checking GS mateiral, rings, earrings, ammo, sword, curse section on a daily basis is kinda gay) ^^

Ohh btw, if your PC is good, try clicking my shopping history [5] and see if you can survive XD! It takes a few duo-core cpu’s and a few gigs of ram to actually load it up XD

Strawberrie's BlogRoll, Odin

Strawberrie’s Blogroll LOL!

Berrie’s new Blogroll display!

This gotta be the most LOL way to display a Blogroll. Gotta say its pretty creative. SOOO, where’s me? ><; Time to pull out ur "status bar" and start rolling over those little heads XD. But I could imagine adding a blog would be mad annoying ><; Gotta insert the img and do a href on it '-'. One problem though, isn't taru head bigger than mithra heads? I guess berrie need to supersize those taru heads! Go take a look at Strawberrie’s Blog! [6].

Simplicity is Complexity!

The existing layout was fine.. but there was problems.. I found out the loading progress was banner –> archrives/posts –> comments –> header –> sidebar.

The problem is, I’ve had people who forgot to close their (strong) tags so since the header and sidebar comes after the comments, my whole layout can be messed up by someone who just merely “comment” on my blog (my whole sidebar is bolded O.O). Also, it wasn’t as organized as I thought, so I kind of got annoying for awhile and therefore…

In putting Daggy’s artwork into good use, I’m fine tuning a very simple yet very complex layout for my blog :3 I hope this one won’t have bugs.. I’ve also learned how to widgetize stuff so…. I hope this one would last awhile XD

Ashiya is not a Manthra >.>

The title speaks for itself. For the LONGEST time I never knew she was a girl. Her msn pic was a guy! Ashiya plays the guy jobs, and she never told me anything more than just FF. Well we were good friends, she was inspired by the blog atmosphere very much so I let her blog on my server, but never really went too personal until she wanted to dat swap just for the eye candy, and I ask her why do you want to dat swap an Opaline Dress -.-; Ashiya always acted pretty cute for a guy, I always wonder why is Ashiya typing like a girl, but I never ask, afterall we were game friends ‘-‘

A SS of the MSN chat can be found here. Go have a good laugh ^^;

Windows Vista not for MaiTalu’s Laptop >.>

Pretty lame, I was about to plan on buying the upgrade for my laptop when Windows Vitsa comes out but…. the feature that I really wanted… doesn’t run on my Laptop (its a Sony VAIO VGN T-150). I guess Microsoft isn’t goin take my money this time. Maybe its time to turn to Mac OS!

No Vista for Vaio T-150! [7]

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