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WoW: Alli Trash Rapes E-Life Funeral

Raping Someone’s E-Funeral?!

Would you go Raid a Virtual Funeral?

This happaned awhile ago, but here’s what really happened.

A girl that plays WoW, die in real life due to a stroke :/ She was a really nice player and was very helpful in a Horde Guild. Anyway, so the guild member wanted to host a Memorial for her in-game @ her favorite fishing place (which also happens in a PvP zone).

The Alliance found out, and planned an attack on the funeral/memorial.

Personally, I would never do something like this. Although it IS a game afterall, but we do have feelings and emotions attached to people that we play with; the prerson who is behind the keyboard. We aren’t robots! Although WoW IS a PvP-based game from ground up, but regardless I do have a human heart, and would never do something like this. Its just not right. I’m really glad FF’s community is not as heart-less as this. All we get is HNM drama and that’s about it.

Its really easy to be an asshole behind the keyboard and get away with it. Sure its a “virtual” funeral but… it was really, a real person behind the keyboard, and obviously people in the guild “had emotions” towards not just the pixelated character, but the person who was playing behind the keyboard. Of course a pixelated character killing a pixelated character has nothing to do with the real world, because “its just a game”, but the person who was killed by your pixelated character who was attending a virtual funeral while paying respect to a person who died “in real life”, certainly have an effect about it in real life.

Even my irl friend Yvonne found out about this ‘-‘. Hay, even a Philosopher student think its not right to do this! (And she doesn’t even play games!)

Quoted in the 1UP article.

As socially inept as these virtual mourners may be, let me ask you…who is behaving with more social grace? The gamers who chose to pay in-game respects for a real-world loss, or the ones who used a real-world loss to gain an in-game boost? Who’s more in touch with the real world? Who would you rather have living down the street?

Strawberrie Fenrir [3]

Strawberrie of Fenrir

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One research paper’s down! But.. 2 more research paper to do, 1 Mid-Term, 1 assignment left ; ; Workload is so huge Aw Mai Gawd >< On the side note, I might install WordPressMU (Multi User), so for those who are interested in blogging (or trying it out), I can get you started here XD. Its for Fenrir / People that I know only though :(. The only down side is '-' you loose some controls over the layout of your blog (you still get more control over using wordpress's hosting + paid upgrade) and... no ftp access. Been playing DotA (Defense of the Ancient - Warcraft III) whenever I need a mental break! Here's some screenies! MaiTalu's ownage on... Squee and Spleen [10] | Anti-Mage [11]. Afterall my name is Maiev, it originated from Warcraft III, of course I gotta own! Speaking of Warcraft, Jainaproudmoor on Fenrir still haven’t sign a staff for Maiev! We were good friends back in Warcraft III! That biatch is 100 Woodworking, she needs to sign me some goodies. XD

For Strawberrie Odin! This is the Strawberrie on Fenrir! (Strawberrie poked me, reminded me of Strawberrie Odin so thought I’d take a screenshot! Too bad the one on Fenrir isn’t a taru!)

Next Update: A new way of playing Blue Mage in Besiege, where you would be “a great help” XD, I’ll try to get the vids done! I did over um.. at least 20,000 damage XD

Anyway, would you go Raid a “Virtual” Funeral? :O