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[Video] Playing the Blues

The Real Post!

Mai’s finger is about to fall off but at least I…

Finish the guides! XD Both the MaiTalu’s Blue DD [1] and Blu/ninChain 5 solo Vids [2]! Writing em up took ages, worst than writing papers, but at least its done now :O

Anyway, I’ve also spent the weekend creating a video inspired by freaking Farkee! A job vids of Blue-mage! Anyway, so here it is, for my friend Farkee!

Mai Production: Playing the Blues!

Video Creation: Playing the Blues

Download: Low Quality [3] | High Quality [3] (need to right click and hit SAVE AS)

I will pop the video dialogue into your face!. Contains in-game Blue-Mage Spoilers! Oh ya, some people ask what’s the music in it. Its the Final Fantasy 7 Opening – Instrumental Version performed at the “Dear Friends” Final Fantasy Music Symphony @ Los Angeles
The above drawing is by Farkee of Fenrir (look at his mini signature on his left arm! I told him to sign it! Waiting for Farkee to draw me a nice title for the video then I’ll update it! But its pretty final.

I also went to watch the Departed! Such a good movie :D But ya its like 95% the same script as “Internal Affairs” the HK Version! I was expecting better bomb explosion… like typical American movie, but oh well, I guess they were trying to stick to the script as close as possible!

Anyway I won’t be posting for awhile! Lots of work to do IRL so ‘-‘ Hope these guide keep you entertained while I finish up my work and write more!

Interesting Stuff:

I never felt that my English was that good until I went to that site! I’m going to make big bucks sitting in Japan writing signs, toilet signs, menus!!