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the StarOnion v2 Layout =)

MaiTaru's New Hairstyle [1]

Maiev’s New Hairstyle In-Game!

Yar! I’ve finally decided to change it a bit! (For both my taru and the blog!). I hope its somewhat refreshing than my old dull-looking blog! Its not perfect but lemme hear wut u think about it XD

Well I’m still learning my php :)

I really did this totally for trying to procrastinate from reading my loads of text books! Well at least cleaning up my blog’s done, the Sticky Post is where I’ll start tagging my writeups on blus, rdm and my 100 Goldsmithing guide. Its merely a suggestion, not saying it is the way to play it etc.

Btw, did you know Toothbrush can be Overclocked? YouTube Video [2]

Oh ya also, I found a dat for my taru but with the long hair! Its kinda cool imo :O Its already used on the top right of this blog! I gotta find the author and thank him for it XD
Anyway, got to hit the sack, I got a shit load of books to read for tomorrow’s night class!

PS: The IQ question still not solved zomg!

Night peeps, its 6am, I gotta get back to normal! (I like the look of the blog from far away :O, eg below!)

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