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[Video] Maiev Soloing Imps + Guide Soon!

Blue Mage Chain 4/5!

Blue Talk

Time for some FFXI in action ‘-‘ “Sort of” :O

Since I’ve only been logging in daily for 3k exp and logout, I thought sharing my Imps experience would be kind of cool. Well I’m no where Avesta, and don’t plan on being one, its more of just a video to show people how I do it. Some people prefer to watch it once or see someone else doing it before they try, so this is what I’m doing :O just “showing” it.

Its NOT done :( but ya its not really helpful without the tooltip and explanation! Just a sneak peak in one of the sections.
I had to do it soon, because I just finish maxed out my merit buffer (-.- yes, 10/10 merit all from soloing Imps), I’m on my last 9999/10000 exp before I run out of stuff to exp again. At least I’m getting exp from doing these fraps recording atm :O! LOOK! 10th merit just Soloing Imps on Blue Mage [1] :O

The whole writeup should be done soon :O! sometime this wk! Oh btw, Nobuo Uematsu (the famous Square-Final Fantasy music composer) is having a concert this coming Saturday in Toronto, anyone interested? :O I’m a fan of his music and if you didn’t know, most of my FF movies [2] are made with his music too.

Official Site for Play – Symphony. [3]!

Freaking Awesome Dessert [4]

Yummy Dessert!

A bit about my weekend!

Dear Lord,

If you cannot make me skinny, please make my friend fat! (its the restaurant’s slogan)!

Therefore on Saturday night, I took my girl-friends there, like 3 others to go eat dessert! hehe. I really hope I can make em fat + Cavities!!

Also went to duo Mario Kart with another friend in a bar lol, loser drinks! (Yea, now its really drinking and driving). Didn’t last too long since she was kinda a n00b.

My To-Do list! (When I have time)