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WoW and XI together?

I mean ya i’m all settled IRL but FFXI isn’t even motivating me to click the PlayOnline Icon… I can’t really think of other reason but I think my main reason is that I can’t deal with people who

/random emo [Maiev]

You can say I’m already at the breaking point I suppose… so there I go, giving WoW a second try. And I’m not the only one ‘-‘ Russta [1] quit too, but at least I’m still giving FFXI a try!

WoW Downloader [2]

But at least we know WoW GM and Developer DON’T SUCK.. they listen to their customers and…

iTunes Support! [3]

Look! They support iTunes! When poor Strawberrie [4] from Odin is just crying about it :(. It should be within a few post. I didn’t directly link to post else it will auto post -.-;

Anyway, going to be away for the weekend so cu babies next wk! (If FFXI motivates me to login), or if someone have some kind of weird Goldsmithing requests ^^;