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Do You Zulu? (BG Fenrir Drama)

Zulu LS, Fenrir [1]

Do you Zulu?! (Click for Larger!)

Damn Son

I miss FFXi Drama. Well.. didn’t know such Zulu linkshell exists. But do they really reside in England? Cuz like.. Zulu in flying refers to.. UTC (GMT).

Regardless, can find the juice here [2].

To the right I just took the airplane headset ad and modded it. No its not gaming headset!

Note: Their HNM Count can be found on their website [3]. The BG stuff here [2].

Well… I guess there are a lot of people with a ton of cash that plays FFXI. Here’s another good one :D 900 bucks for a STAFF hahaha!

WoW Drama

Sucks… they never last as long as the FFXi one :O Plus it’s a smaller community, so you’re kinda more interested to find out! Whereas in WoW with 10k ppl, I am really not that interested to know what John Doe does…because except my 30 active guild members (0.3%), everyone else is a John Doe.

Back to cracking my CrackBerry. Learning how to unlock for free :D AND… a new Bold OS [4] ( is out for those that’s interested =)