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The Guild Season 2 =( Ended.

Watch The Guild, Codex, WoW, Comedy, UStream

Codex/Felicia Day preparing for Filming

Watch the Guild.

The Guild – Season 2 EP12 Finale [1]!!

The ending of this season (S2 EP12) was extremely good… I mean EPIC!. For those that STILL haven’t watched it, I urge you T_T to go watch it [2]. It is REALLY good. Here’s a link to the cast [2] for those that’s interested. Don’t worry, they use FFXI and WoW job names, so you don’t have to play WoW to understand.

If you haven’t even watch a single episode, you can start here [3].

They were celebrating their season ending on UStream [4] :O was nice to watch them live :D

Watch The Guild, Codex, Zaboo, UStream

Codex/Zaboo memorizing lines.

Season 2 EP 12 EPIC Moments! (Spoilers)

Anyway.. Vork summarize what I felt like ^^; zomg :O I love 3:33 LOL, reminds me what exactly happened when I flipped out XD (although I didn’t goto the shower and wearing a suit LOL)

5:57 :/

7:38 “I don’t exist anymore…” oh man :x, reminds me of Minidragon

7:52 EPIC LINE LOL “I”m so glad I DID NOT DROP MY LOOT FOR YOU” *ahem, reminds me of some Novio Earring* LOL

Anyway =) so I hope you all watched it and enjoyed it!

ZOMG I can’t wait till Season 3 is out!! It’s like the new 24/Prison Break for me :O :O :O

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