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Old 12-17-2006, 01:01 PM

Default Applicants: Please Read!

At this stage, we are only looking for good candidates. Feel free to post an application, and thank you for considering DuckHUNT.

No Group Applications, please! Assume it’s declined if you post one.

Please take your time to read through the stuff below.

What is DuckHUNT?

We are the most annoying Nintendo game that was ever created! J/k

DuckHUNT is a linkshell that values both freedom and "doing fun things" from time to time. We roughly only have 10 hours of events so rest of it is free time. Ducks concentrate on events that members like to do.

Regarding HNM:

We have stopped camping HNM for the time being. It is an EXTRA event. It is not tracked as a DH main event, and members caught skipping our main events in favor of HNM are penalized. With respect to this, if you are applying ONLY for HNM, kindly apply to a real HNMLS.

Fun stuff we've done so far: Kirin Zerg, Bahamut, KS99, Sea, Jailers, JoL, Wyrms, Einherjar, all Limbus and bosses, pop NM's, Ballista...

Just remember, we were formed from two Social Linkshells.

What kind of events?

[Events that we currently run]
  • Mandatory: Einherjar (2 times per week)
  • Mandatory: ZNM/VNM
  • Mandatory: Sea
  • Mandatory: Special Events such as Kirin or Bahamut zerg
  • Optional: Salvage
  • Optional: HNM

DuckHUNT Schedule! (Revised: June 29, 2009)
  • Sunday: Free(Dynamis)
  • Monday: 8:30-11:30pm EST (Limbus, zergs)
  • Tuesday: 8:30-11:30pm EST (Einherjar, Abyssea)
  • Wednesday: Free(Dynamis)
  • Thursday: 8:30-11:30pm EST (SCNM/ZNM/VNM)
  • Friday: Free
  • Saturday: 5:30pm EST (Einherjar)
What do we expect from you?
  • A good attitude towards attending events. Since we use a point system, we encourage people to attend because its a nice time to get together, use your hard-earned merits and test it against mobs? xD
  • Decently equipped with notable merits for the job you are applying with <--Added
  • No Whitegate shouters! Conversations in /sh or /s are annoying and we're all adults, so let's act like it too. Please be mindful of what you say in /sh or /s at all times. When wearing a DH pearl you are acting as an ambassador of our ls. Please respect the reputation we've built and established within our community.
This was added to ensure you are bringing your best to our ls. We’re only looking for good candidates. Good applicants include someone who has any combination of BLM, WHM, BRD, RDM, or SCH, and a fully merited/geared DD or Tank job. When asked to change jobs we expect you to do so without complaint, as we are only asking you to change in the best interests of the ls, and to make the events work.

* Note: A minimum of 50% attendance is required during trial * A 1 month trial is issued to new members. If you've passed you're trial and you fall below attending 25% of our events in a month you are no longer active and cannot lot on gear until you are Active again, keep this in mind.

What jobs are you looking for?

Current openings: All jobs

How is loot sorted?

We use a point system (50 DKP MINUS!). Most items that drop as a result of linkshell event have price tags on them. We understand that loot can cause huge conflicts, therefore we hope to minimize that conflict with a point system.

Everything is earned in this linkshell, if its in your inventory, it’s yours to keep. No linkshell loot kinda stuff. We do have a bank for einherjar funds, since items dropped from wins can actually make Einherjar self-sustainable.

Einherjar loot/equipment is sorted via a closed-bidding system with points earned from farming / attending events. We use a 2minute Proxy Bidding System, similar to Ebay's system.

DuckHUNT strives to do things in an open, fair and transparent manner. Everything you do in this linkshell is all accounted for! We make every bit of your effort count.


We are at the stage of looking for good members only. Please read ahead for requirements/how to apply

(Minimum Requirements) Before you apply, ensure that you have
  • At least one main job with knowledge and equipment expected of a main job.
  • Sky, Sea, Bahamut, Einherjar, Salvage, Shadowreign era, and Abyssea Access.
  • The sufficient time to play to be productive. Our normal events (not Salvage/HNM) are mandatory if you are on the game.
  • REGULAR Forum access
  • Optional: Reveal your profile on FFXIAH. (Jobs, Crafts, Mission, Merits, Item sets, etc...)
  • The desire of enjoying events. No one should drag your ass to events and you should not be asking “Am I needed or not?”
I have a few friends too?

Assume it’s declined if you apply as a group. We’ve had bad experience with these types of applicants and we no longer accept them. If multiple people want to apply, they are more than welcome to do so but they will be evaluated separately and could be rejected.

I want to join!

Make an account on the forums and post in this forum. You could also PM your application to Shayx (Lilyana) or any of the sackholders but if you do PM, please include the reason why you PMed it!

In your application, you MUST include:
  1. Do you meet our minimum requirements?
  2. Past linkshell/server, reason for leaving?
  3. What time can you play?
  4. Who can access your account? Why?
  5. Why you want to come join DuckHUNT?
  6. References (within and outside). Preferably, a former LS leader or former Sack who can put their name on the line to vouch for you.
  7. A Minimum of of 50% attendance is MANDATORY during the trial period (roughly 8 events/evenings in your first month) Also if you are on game events are mandatory. (i.e. should not xping, doing missions, etc) Would you have any problems meeting these requirements?
What do we do with your application?

We first look at what job you have on the table. Here’s what we like.
  • Useful jobs for typical events: WHM, RDM, BLM, BRD, SAM, PLD, SCH
  • Useful jobs for zerging: DRG (Angon), THF(Feint), kcDRK, BRD, SAM, RNG, RDM, WAR, MNK (Stacked)
  • Useful jobs for Salvage: MNK, SAM, WHM, RDM, BLM, THF, BRD
We are looking for jobs that are listed above.

Well don’t be discouraged, if you have other jobs.. it's still fine, it might come in handy.

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Join Date: Nov 2006
Race: TaruTaru
Main Job: Red Mage
Posts: 2,000

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Old 08-31-2008, 07:24 PM


What do you have to offer?

The second thing we look at is your equipment, merits and experience.

You can have a Maat’s cap but still suck with every job or do not have equipment for any job. Jobs matter, but merits and experience does too! So here’s what we expect from you for the main job(s) you are applying with.

  • Bard: It’s a simple and easy job. Have a skill-based setup and CHR setup. Also have Troubadour and Nightingale. Also, be knowledgeable with macros.
  • Black Mages: They are useful for 90% of the events, but beware that we have a ton of stacked BLM’s. Merits are a critical part. Even if you do not have Tier 1 Merits, at least have the BLM merits... Make sure you have an Elemental and MAB build.
  • Dark Knight: KC-DRK or a very good DPS setup is required. You also need to have decked-out HP gear. Please be knowledgeable with KC/RC/BZ Zerging.
  • Monk: Nice (non)TP-feeding job for Salvage. It’s also very useful for zerging but otherwise, that’s it... Its not a hard job to play but please do know how to use /nin and swap haste equipment. Don’t bother having a Chi Blast setup... we would rather have you come to events with another job.
  • Paladin: PLD is a pretty tough job, we have pretty good tanks. We expect a lot from this job. Make sure you are stacked because we don’t want an O.Hat-Pally. You will be keeping hate from decked out BLM’s and Relics. Fire resist and MDB sets if you don't have aegis, and even then..
  • Ranger: Pick a skill and stick to it. Trying to split between archery and marksmanship is a recipe for failure.
  • Red Mages: RDM is a very difficult job. They have to be mind-readers and be able to provide what it is needed, and when. Equipment, merits and experience are all critical. If you do not have a "red-mage mind", or a good solid understanding and play half-ass, then don’t even apply saying you have RDM. Ensure you have good macros/equip-swaps.
  • Samurai: Have a good setup that can hit... Have a 6-hit and know when to use it. You can be a good Samurai just by wearing Auction-House gear. Macros will make or break this job.
  • Thief: Please have either TH4 and/or Feint. Otherwise, it’s not useful.
  • Warrior: All mofo’s got this job. We have War’s with relics so... just make sure you have something pretty good.
  • White Mage: Swift with curing status ailments. We want a WHM that can react and be dynamic, not ones that can only cure and raise.
  • Dragoon: Angon is a must, 5/5 preferred
  • [B]Ninja:[B] Have /drk and /rdm subs ready and know when/how to use them.

* Note: A minimum of 50% attendance is required during trial *

Social Status (Added March 30, 2007) (currently no admittance) (Nov 11, 2009)

A special kind of admittance was created to allow friends to join Ducks purely to socialize and to play together. These members have no obligation to attend anything, to do anything but they do earn points and are not allowed to lot any equipment over full-time members. They still wear the DuckHUNT pearl though. This cannot be applied but sponsored by a current full-time member of DuckHUNT. Only one member can be sponsored by each member and a cool-down time of one year before they can sponsor another member. If you are one of those people that just wants to socialize and currently have a friend in DuckHUNT, consider giving them a tell to have them sponsor you into the Linkshell. At present time, we are not accepting new social members.

Side note!

This linkshell also uses Ventrilo. It easier to know each other and more convenient to just listen than type out a paragraph to explaining instructions. Typing is so 2003 =P So lets get over it ^^;

This linkshell is not a place for gear, but a place have a great time. Everyone in the linkshell are very bond-able, we even go on vacations together. If you do not want to make a commitment to be friendly and bond-able, perhaps this linkshell isn't for you.


Thanks for considering DuckHUNT!

MaiTalu's StarOnion Blog

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