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Clayton is offline Clayton
Socializing with Ducks

Old 01-15-2010, 03:39 PM

Default Clayton's App

Heyo DH, its Clayton, thought id drop an app to you guys, i'm interested in joining (obviously)

75 Jobs - BLM RDM WAR THF SAM NIN (Most merited) All subs

Do you meet our minimum requirements? yes

Past linkshell/server, reason for leaving? Paradox/Fenrir, didnt have the time and didnt enjoy the shell to much.

What time can you play? Mostly either afternoons or late night after I get off work. Im a PST player and I work a bar tending job in a restaurant.

Who can access your account? Why? Darrick, is the only one with my info, I have been playing FFXI with him for 5+ years and I trust the guy....

Why you want to come join DuckHUNT? Alot of friends are in DH and im currently in a small social shell, id like to get back into main events again.

References (within and outside). Darrick, JB, most of all the other tekkies and old friends within the shell.

Do you understand a Minimum of of 50% attendance is MANDATORY during the trial period? (roughly 8 events/evenings in your first month)
Yes I do, shouldnt be to much of a problem, especially if there is really early or really late events, should be able to get those no prob.

Thanks for checkin out my app, hope to see you all soon! ^^
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Duck Hair

Old 01-15-2010, 04:12 PM


Good Luck Clayton!
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