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Default Mazmaz's App


I am Mazmaz. I enjoy long walks in the dunes, playing the market for gil, and destressing by thwacking little pink birds.

After speaking with Sibe, I've decided to put up my application for your viewing pleasure.


ZM Complete
CoP Complete
ToAU Complete
WotG Crossroads of Time (baby Behemoth fight)

Most recent WAR gear can be found HERE. I also have a complete Rune Chopper zerg set as well.
Most recent MNK gear can probably be found HERE

Merits can be found HERE
Pretty much completely merited for both jobs, with the exception of Tomahawk 3/5.

ZNMs (all T4s and Pandemonium Warden)

Let me begin by saying that I am in CritFail, so I do einherjar with you all quite regularly

I do Salvage with Lagsave regularly, and am missing Usukane Haramaki and Hizayoroi from the complete set.

I was a sackholder for HouseOfDextrose, a big ZNMLS on Fenrir about a year and a half ago. I have experience with fighting all ZNMs, including all T4s. I also led one of the DD parties in our fight against Pandemonium Warden twice. It was probably one of the funnest experiences I had in FFXI, and getting him down to final form was very satisfying. I have also 6 manned Tinnin, with myself as main tank on WAR/NIN. Once again a very fun experience and a great challenge that I've enjoyed accomplishing.

I also very much enjoy using my WAR during zergs and have experience zerging Kirin, Bahamut, Sarameya and other things.

Probably the only experience I have in sea is solo farming organs for my WS gorgets and Ghrah M Chips. I plan to attempt to solo Jailer of Fortitude with my MNK.

While it is true that I only have 2 melee jobs, I've found that I could always make myself useful to the linkshells I've been in and have always had something to offer. Outside of things that drop in Einherjar and Black Belt items, I'm not interested in much gear left in the game. I'm simply looking for a good home where I can experience some fun events with friends, and I believe I'll make a very good addition to your shell.

1. Do you meet our minimum requirements? Yes

2. Past linkshell/server, reason for leaving? SpiderTorque was an LS that me and about 5-6 friends made. It was nice for a while to be in a social LS with some friends, but I found that we weren't accomplishing much, and I wasn't having any fun, so I left.

3. What time can you play? I'm taking one course in college currently, so I should be on at least every evening. As long as I'm not out with my GF or doing things with friends, I should be online.

4. Who can access your account? Why? No one

5. Why you want to come join DuckHUNT? Well, I know alot of you from Einherjar, and you seem like good people that have fun doing things you like, and I would love to experience that. Also, your webpage makes you look really good

6. References (within and outside). Well I am in CritFail, so I know the bunch of Magitek people that are now in DH (Classicred, Jackblck, Jackalman, etc). I also know a big handful of people from Lagsave (Keiffa, Heretic, Devinry, Sakurakun, Hellknight).

7. Do you understand a Minimum of of 50% attendance is MANDATORY during the trial period? (roughly 8 events/evenings in your first month) Yes

PS. I noticed the webpage is .ca. Vancouver represent

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