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Default Dontkare's Application


Notable Gear: Dalmatica, Duelist's Chapeau, all relevant HQ staves (Dark, wind, earth, ice, thunder) Sorc ring with a perfect force set (to 75% so I'm not in yellow HP) aslan/gleeman's capes, ACP body for MNK, Byakko's Haidate, working on attaining full PDT/MDT sets for RDM Soon to complete 4/5 morrigans (Have 15/25 for body, hands, pants, and feet)

Merits: 2 MP, 2 Crit, 8/8 scythe, 5/8 h2h, 2 Bio III, 1 phalanx II Blind II Paralyze II and Slow II, 1 ice accuracy, 5/5 Ice and thunder potency, 1 freeze II, 1 Burst II, 1 Tornado II. Willing to diligently work on merits.

access to every endgame event with experience in all but HNMs

I am the only person to have access to my account.

Past linkshell: I am currently in SpiderTorque right now, but back in the day I was in EpicDestiny and Kazoku. I left ED because the leadership started to head south and they focused more on getting themselves things instead of members.

I can attend almost any event because I work graveyard shifts so my days are open.

Here is a link to my FFXIAH: http://www.ffxiah.com/player.php?id=150107
Thank you.

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