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Old 07-05-2010, 06:11 PM

Default teyla application

i would like to do fun events and enjoy the game with nice people

i use to be in odin server left for my sister i use to help run an end game ls there

i will be able to attend all event that you host and some extra event i am ususal on durning the time that you host events

my sisters can access my account cuz i have high level craft and fishing so if they need stuff when i'm not home they can do themself

i have no references

yes i will make the 50% attendance for the first month i should do 100%

i have 4 75lv chara lylove 75sch 6merits Origind75blm very well merited full relic Orron lv75 RDM well merited full relic / thf not so good full relic / sam ok merits / pld well merited and geared / nin well greared teyla 75 mnk no merits or gear

thank you for giving me the chance to apply

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