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i have 6 75's MNK PUP SAM NIN BRD DNC. out of those my best geared is Mnk it is 4/5 Usukane black belt. my Brd is ok and my other jobs are geared okish but i know how to play each one just fine.
i do have Sky acess but i do not have sea cause CoP hates me with a passion but im on 5-1 but i do have good knowledge of salvage and i campain a lot i do play aobut 5 hours + during the week but i do work on mondays and thursdays during the summer. and i do have good internet occsinaly is the link to my FFXIAH profile its ok but it updates very slow
And i do love to merrit and exp.I like the thought of big events kinda like ZNM or VNM or Ks99s and stuff cause its a lot more fun than soloing lolz which i used to do a lot of.
But u can get me at ffxi i might be afk but just /tell the shit out of me if so or u can PM me on my ffxi ah ^^
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