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Default Joshvanzan Application

Hello to all!

As you can tell my name is Joshvanzan and im apart of the Fenrir server. I currently at the moment have 2 characters. Knighteagle & Joshvanzan. Im applying for Joshvanzan. He is only currently 23 WAR/11 MNK.

My other character Knighteagle has the following jobs. If this helps out my chances.

Rank 9- Sandy

75- PLD 25-Smithing

Knighteagle you can currently check out @ FFXIAH if you are curious about the character.

My schedule is pretty well open. I work all day and when i get home FFXI!!!!!

I love doing events with fellow members or friends.

Again Im applying for Joshvanzan. I started this character from ground zero just to do it again. Thats how much time i have & how much i love the game

Thank you for your time,

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