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Default Quesions about DH

After looking around for a while I came across this site. At the very least, I like the relaxed, laidback look of the site, and you seem like people I could get along with. But before I apply, I have some questions.

1) What is considered good gear/geared? I don't use multiple gear sets. At most, I swap out a few pieces depending on what I'm doing. I've been playing since the NA PC release and it's always been good enough to get me trough any mission I've attempted. I'm not about to use 6 different macros just to use a weaponskill, nor will I download an illegal program just to get more lines. I'm not really accusing anyone of elitism, but after having to deal with real elitists like, say, almost everyone who posts on, I feel it necessary to say what needs to be said about this subject. It's a game, and games are meant to be fun. Dealing with endless numbers and trying to calculate DPS like some damn accountant isn't my definition of fun. Judging from the top of your website, I don't think we'd clash here, but I feel the need to ask.

2) Who pays for Einherjar/Limbus? I don't make a lot of money and haven't ever been able afford to attend either on a regular basis. I'm not opposed to attending either, but I'd need a steady source of income before I could consider paying my own way.
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